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Welcome to AMPU! 2020-2021

Message from former AMPU President, Udit Basu:

"Hi guys, I'm the former president of Anime-Manga Princeton University. With the current university guidelines completely throwing away any chance of interacting with your pton peers, we want to do our part of connecting people together. If you are interested in chatting with others who also have an interest in anime, manga, light novels, etc. Please msg me, and I'll get you situated. While we are tremendously disappointed that we will likely not be able to do half of the things that pulled off last year, we will try at least to do as much as we can to make Zoom University more bearable.

Things that we have done in past include:

- weekly meetings that go from 7:30-late in the night. This begins with some animanga themed kahoot, some selection of anime generally based on a theme, occassionally a special event, social hours, and all the shin ramen you could want. While we can't provide shin ramen anymore, we have a terribly active large discord server that has space to discuss practically anything you could think of (manga, anime, memes, fanfiction, etc), weekly calls, frequent late night daily minicalls, etc. We all would love to meet new people and friends ūüôā

- monthly movie nights (will happen over discord or zoom)

- karaoke nights (we promised everyone that we would do this again over discord)

- 24 hour marathons (that ended up being 30 hours including sleep) with our famous AMPU Jeopardy quizzes - boardgame night

- discord games


Other things we've done or were planned in past but will likely not be able to pull of this year

- cooking events (not this year)

- NYC outings (not this year)

- origami night - hotpot outings - calligraphy night

- valentine chocolate making

- manga session (was in development, but if there is a strong demand for it, we are willing to have separate weekly meetings for it)

- we have a manga library on campus but it will be out of reach for the year

- cosplay workshop

- AMPU music recital"