Welcome to Princeton University's Anime-Manga Club!

Yoroshiku! The Anime-Manga Club is a group for fans of Japanese animation and manga. We meet for weekly showings, as well as for occasional other events such as Japanese food cooking, cosplay workshops, and our bi-annual 24-hour anime marathon.

We meet every Friday from 7:30-10PM (or later) in Lewis Library 120. At our weekly meetings we explore new and interesting anime that are not well known or check out seasonal shows. We also do fun activities to get to know each other, with a Kahoot! or similar trivia quiz at every meeting if we can.

We are a relatively young organization that only recently got rebooted. But we hope to foster interest in anime and manga and to help those who are only privately interested come out of the closet.

Princeton students are free to join our anime Messenger chat, manga Messenger chat, and our Discord where we sometimes hold virtual anime showings and a shiritori game that has been going on for... a while. You don't have to be members to join but we strongly encourage becoming one. Come and join us!

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