welcome to AMPU!

Welcome to Anime-Manga Princeton University! We are a rapidly growing club of over 30 active members that aims to provide a chill, enjoyable community for anyone who has any kind of interest in anime, manga, light novels, or even games and Japanese media culture/language in general. If you are looking for some cool friends to hang out and watch anime or chat with, please reach out to one of our officers and join our listserv (Emails are in the General Tab). Any current or former Princeton student can join!

On-Campus Activities:

Weekly Meetings starting between 7-7:30 lasting through the night. This begins with some animanga themed kahoot, some selection of anime generally based on a theme, occassionally a special event, social hours, and all the shin ramen you could want. 

Some past special events we've held include karaoke nights, origami nights, pictionary, debates, and our biannual jeopardy competition and 24-hour anime marathon!

On-Campus Activities are set to resume Fall 2021, and we've got some HUGE plans for our campus comeback. We hope you'll all be able to join us for what is set to be a brilliant year!

Online Activities:

We hold Weekly Anime Tables / Viewings on our Discord server starting at 7 PM EST every Saturday of the semester.

Skribblio, AnimeMusicQuiz, Among Us, and other Games!

We also have an ongoing Discord Gacha Game, and have had DnD sessions, group Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke runs, Japanese learning sessions, and Japanese media Discussions! One of our officers is also leading a daily fitness regimen!

Member Benefits:

All current members have access to AMPU's own Premium Crunchyroll Account!

All current members also have access to AMPU's Steam Account and our library of visual novels!

For information regarding these, please join our Discord by contacting an officer. We also have some big news for the 2021 Fall semester so stay tuned!

Current News and Announcements:

CLUB MERCH SOON! We’ve been working out how to properly set up and distribute club merchandise for a while, and we think that we’ve found a good method to do so. However, we haven’t yet settled on a design! This is where you come in – feel free to submit any and all (self-made) artwork that you think would work well to represent AMPU. We’ll be accepting submissions until the end of January, and then open voting on the designs throughout the first week of February. I will be sending out more details regarding merch costs, apparel options (currently, we’re thinking of offering masks, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.), and other logistics as we approach the submission deadline. If you intend to submit a design, please DM via Discord or email your work to one of the officers when it is ready. We look forward to seeing your creative talents shine!

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