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If it's an emergency (like getting locked out), emailing the President or any of the Officers or messaging them on Discord directly will have faster responses.

Our Discord (Contact an Officer for a link)

Where we can discuss anime/manga more deeply, e.g. questions like "was the anime better than the manga", "who is best girl", and "if you know da wae"

We also have a Facebook messenger group chat: email either the prez or and we'll add you on it.

Omae wa mou shindeiru



  • Kai Obinata '23 ------- Unofficial President (taking gap year)
  • Zach Adnane '23 ------ Official President (for 20-21 academic year)
  • Kyle Watson '23 ------ Meeting / After-Hours Manager
  • Ye Chen '23 ------------ Archiver
  • Connie An '22 --------- Social Chair
  • Daniel Lee '21 --------- Treasurer
  • Bharat Govil '22 ----- Manga Officer (and Future Treasurer)
  • Elton Tran '22 --------- Manga Officer

Former Officers:

  • Udit Basu '20 ---------- President
  • John Baek '20 --------- Weeb / Tech Chair
  • Lucy Jing '20 ---------- Social Chair

Affiliated Organizations:

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