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If it's an emergency (like getting locked out), emailing the President or any of the Officers or messaging them on Discord directly will have faster responses.

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Where we can discuss anime/manga more deeply, e.g. questions like "was the anime better than the manga", "who is best girl", and "if you know da wae"

Omae wa mou shindeiru

Current Officers:

Kyle Watson '24President
Dara Oseyemi '24Vice President
Kurt Lemai '25Manga Librarian
Eric Zheung '26Treasurer
Daniel Yang '26Tech Chair
Yoselin Chavez '26Ruler of Anime
Anlin Kopf '25Officer
Hans Watanabe '26Officer
Jessica Waters '26Officer
Quest Starkey '26Officer

Former Officers:

Zach Adnane '23Co-President
Kai Obinata '23Co-President
Marlon Escobar '23Treasurer
Ye Chen '23Archivist
Eve Rosenthal '23Officer
Pablo Blanco '23Ruler of Anime
Anthony Ng '23Manga Officer
Udit Basu '20President
John Baek '20Weeb / Tech Chair
Lucy Jing '20Social Chair
Daniel Lee '21Treasurer
Connie An '22Social Chair
Bharat Govil '22Manga Officer
Elton Tran '22Manga Officer